Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seat cover!

A few too many people said "is that... electrical tape on the seat?" when I showed them the otherwise super-slick photo below (it was actually black duct tape), so I felt motivated to finish the seat.

[Added] A part of this post got cut off when I sent it though the email interface:

I had made the seat cover a few months ago, but I couldn't figure out a good way to attach it to the seat. I was going to just glue it on, but I couldn't get the mounting brackets off of the bottom (they're rusted on). Plus, getting it on tight and smooth would be a nightmare (and likely a total disaster).

Rachael suggested that I sew it on, to which I responded: "Pfffff! The bottom is made of metal, how'm I gonna sew something to metal?" Gradually it dawned on me that she probably meant that I should lace it on, which is, of course, the perfect way to get it tight and deal with the brackets. So thank you, Rachael, for your insight.

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Rachael said...

and my girlfriend told me how to do it cause she is awesome!