Friday, October 15, 2010


Rachael and I went to an awesome wedding last weekend between Steve and Cassie Kemple. It was at the Mockbee, which is an old factory building that's usually used as a music venue. The ceilings are all vaulted and 20 feet high, and there's giant arched windows in the main space with the stage. The did the ceremony downstairs in a long vault that was painted white, and they played Beatles songs. For dinner, there was Adriaticos. Any other pizza at a wedding is sort of 'meh,' I feel, but Adriaticos is like a gift.

The wedding itself was really sweet, you could tell it was a couple that really cared about each other.
We had a blast dancing and helping the bar make money. We pretty much danced straight through (with minor gasping, stich-soothing resting periods) till everyone was gone, then we helped clean up.

Rachael was layin down some serious next-level dance moves with Eric. I was too entranced to get a picture, sadly, but here she is with Patrica and Matt:

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