Thursday, December 23, 2010


Discover has offered me a job. Or rather, they indicated that they're going to send me an offer for a job next Wednesday.


I'm (probably) going there! My visit there was a such a magical and revolutionary experience that I feel strongly compelled to be there, come what may of Discover. I feel like the Gold Coast is a place that I could settle down in. I've been in an anti-suburb mentality for so long that this is a striking revelation, but its so beautiful that I've been converted. Like Saul on the road to Damascus. I can see myself living there for good. Of course, I almost definately wont be able to afford to right now, but its a long term goal.

I've been loathe to post pictures since Google somehow decided to forbid nearly all of the past ones from outside access, but I'll give it another shot with some Chicago memorabilia.

The Chicago Cultural Center building literally made choke up from the beauty of it.
Partially, perhaps, because the beautiful building isn't merely some religious or government facade, but a library!

Or at least, a former library. Sadly all the books have been moved elsewhere, it seems, but the inscriptions praising books are still gloriously on the walls. The books are now presumably in this building, which may compete in beauteousness. I found myself becoming irritated just then by not being able to take a virtual tour of the inside of that building; Google's streetview has given me a curious sense of what aught to be possible.
Also sadly, the inscription from Victor Hugo (above) seems to suffer from some translation issues. I can't quite parse the latter half, but I get what its meant to say in any case.

The Ballroom of the "Library" looks out on the sculptures in the park, nicely captured here with HDR.

Nearby they also have a giant tree with lights on it! I suspect it may not be a year-round installation, though.

Is this truely Falcor's office? How Lucky!
Ah, wrong spelling.

And in unrelated news, Rachael and I finally finished the Bulbdial Clock, and it is good. This is the "technoclub dancefloor" view of it; ie: from the side and up close:

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