Thursday, April 15, 2010

A very breif victory

So I got the pants, gloves and helmet, and rode my bike back down to Clifton:

I had the pleasure of parking it in front of my house once:
And it broke down. I was riding it in traffic, trying to get the idle right (it was running really really high). I adjusted the idle stop for the right cylinder, it blew a bunch of white smoke, and then apparently stopped firing. I got it to start again and managed to get it to the College of Business, where its parked now. I'm afraid I might have to tear apart the engine again.

Local Music

Eclipse 'pry the best band I've seen live in Cincinnati. Click here to listen.

"Salsa with Cuban influence," as they say, and they blend Jazz with hip-hop vocals in a way that I find pleasing. It's what rap can be when its practitioners focus on rhythm and rhyme (and enunciation), when they have live virtuoso instrumentalists backing them up, and when they have lyrics with positive content.