Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rick Nicak's Self Titled album

And another thing that's been going through my head, but for much much longer: you should probably buy this album:

I've been listening to Rick record this thing for the last year or so (really only the summer; for actual recordings that made it onto the final product), but I'm now filled with awe in listening to this thing I got from iTunes.

And for posterity, if rabid fans want bootleg copies of some of his unreleased stuff: let me know and we'll work out a deal!


Best story I've read recently. The word's been stuck in my head all week, on a low level, while I've been on vacation. I realized, when I got home and was idly browsing my browsing histrory, that it's the name of Charles Stross's recent Hugo-winning story.

That the word's been stuck in the back of my mind is unsurprising, considering that I've recently read one of his books, have been reading his blog feed, and have enjoyed everything that's been given the Hugo award.

It was that mix of imaginative and believable that comes from the story-writing idea of "changing one thing, then examining how everything else changes." And with that said, and with that one "changed" assumption made, its unreservedly the most brilliant thing I've read. Maybe not as impactful on my future self as some other works have been, but, standalone, the most brilliant.

As of now, you can read it by googling the word "Palimpsest" and clicking the "archived page" link. Last week it was directly available, but I suspect there were some copyright issues involved in keeping it freely available. Happily, I've managed to read it and preserve it.