Monday, June 27, 2011

Black bomber; reasons to like

I was considering whether I'm so fond of my motorcycle simply because I'm buying into some coolness narrative, because I built it and am biased, or because it's objectively awesome. No doubt there are elements of all three, but here's an objective comparative measure:

1969 cb450 max horsepower: 45
2010 harley sportster 883cc hp: 46

That's to say: the cb450 generates about the same horsepower with half the engine (displacement is 444cc). I had heard that the engine was high tech for it's time, and that they stopped making it mainly because production was too expensive; I had never really appreciated just how advanced it must have been.

How does it make so much more power? I suspect it has to do with the peak rpm being nearly twice that of the harley's: 9000 vs 4600.

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