Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wicked sailing day

20-25 mph winds, 8-10 foot waves, it was nuts. I took all these folks out (and also Ashley, who was somewhere else when we were taking the photo) . Towards the end it was getting a bit harrowing, in swells we couldn't see over, and they were breaking near the shore line. I did three runs out to the two mile buoy and back, with only a little break between, with two passenger each time. It went off with nary a mishap, despite having misriggged the mainsheet initially, getting stuck in irons at launch the second time, and having the waves (and really strong wind) screw up our tack the third.

I was on the water for probably two hours total, and it was exhausting. Gives me a feeling for how difficult crossing the lake would actually be. Though in that wind, we'd have been nearly half way there in the two hours I spent on the water!

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