Monday, January 9, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

See this? Its the trophy for the scariest pumpkin at my work contest. Damn right.

Our friends Julie and Joe invited us over for pumpkin carving before halloween. I surprised myself by carving this little bastard:

Pretty effing scary, amirite? I was just looking at picture of a skull for that one. Later, I found out there was a pumpkin carving contest at my work, and I decided to up the ante. I had visions of incredible flaming skulls, ala the famous Metallica skull:
I invited some friends from work over, had some beers, and set to work. The big pumpkin I got from work totally disintigrated in the attempt. Its the thing upside down on the bottom in the picture below.

Having not succeded with the big pumpkin, I resorted to using the one I had already made, and a smaller root vegetable. On top is one I carved out of a rutabega using a sketuchup 3d model as a guide. Its pretty awesome, but I got tired of carving radishes for the teeth so they didn't work out quite so well. I ground up some boiled beets and poured it over the top of the original skull, which, I think you'll agree, looks pretty gruesome.

I had frozen them for preservation, and after they melted this is what happened:

Even more wicked, eh?

And then, incongruously, heres a picture of Rachael and I in front of the Bahai temple in Wilmette. I've been growing a beard for like two months and I'm already weirded out by the pictures of myself without facial hair.

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KChanashing said...

Been meaning to see that Temple in person - we talked about it. . worth it?