Monday, January 9, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

See this? Its the trophy for the scariest pumpkin at my work contest. Damn right.

Our friends Julie and Joe invited us over for pumpkin carving before halloween. I surprised myself by carving this little bastard:

Pretty effing scary, amirite? I was just looking at picture of a skull for that one. Later, I found out there was a pumpkin carving contest at my work, and I decided to up the ante. I had visions of incredible flaming skulls, ala the famous Metallica skull:
I invited some friends from work over, had some beers, and set to work. The big pumpkin I got from work totally disintigrated in the attempt. Its the thing upside down on the bottom in the picture below.

Having not succeded with the big pumpkin, I resorted to using the one I had already made, and a smaller root vegetable. On top is one I carved out of a rutabega using a sketuchup 3d model as a guide. Its pretty awesome, but I got tired of carving radishes for the teeth so they didn't work out quite so well. I ground up some boiled beets and poured it over the top of the original skull, which, I think you'll agree, looks pretty gruesome.

I had frozen them for preservation, and after they melted this is what happened:

Even more wicked, eh?

And then, incongruously, heres a picture of Rachael and I in front of the Bahai temple in Wilmette. I've been growing a beard for like two months and I'm already weirded out by the pictures of myself without facial hair.


Pictures from San Francisco!Rachael and I at the highest point near SF, looking out at it!
Rachael and I under a big awesome dome thing!
Rachael and I on the middle of the GGB!
Rachael and I and Kim and Ben near the GGB! Kim and Ben were amazing hosts. They shared their house with us, they cooked for us, they took us around their city, they took us along the coast, they took us to a farm, they played games with us, they drank with us, and they let us play their dog. They made it an awesome trip. Thanks guys, it was you.

Rachael and I are Engaged!

I finally popped it a few weeks ago. We were on a Battlestar Galactica marathon, and in between episodes she teased me by getting down on one knee and taking my hand. I was like "Whhaaat are you doing?" She said "just showing you what its like to think something is gonna happen, and then it doesn't." (This because I had been showing her progress on the wedding bands as I made them, and I handed one to her when I got it cast... in retrospect I see why this may have been sort-of a confusing thing to do).

This cut me to the quick, and started me thinking (while the next episode was playing), "why am I delaying anyway? I've got rings, why don't I just propose now?" So at the next break, I snuck off and got them from the drawer next to our bed, got down on one knee myself, and asked her if she'd be my wife. Happily, she said yes. Well, actually she first asked how she could know that I was serious, since I'd given her the rings once before, but she was apparently satisfied with "'Cause I'm really serious."

We're thinking of getting married in mid July; its the soonest thing that works out well scheduling-wise. We'll probably do it in Cincinnati, that being the birthplace of our epic love, home to a lovely garden with waterfalls (the Campus Green on UC's campus), and locale of my favorite hangout (Baba Budans, with whom we're in negotiations with for as a reception-place). Failing that, we're gonna spend the money we'd otherwise blow on a party on a sweet honeymoon.