Friday, December 20, 2013

I just got this tattooed on my face:

I kid. I'm considering it getting done on my forearm though. Its an ambigram, can you see what of? I'll give you a minute.

There's three sevens in a pinwheel shape, and the back side of each seven is the spine of a capitol "B" with the horizontal dash mark through the lower loop (which is one of the symbols for Bitcoin). The dash mark in the B doubles as the dash mark people sometimes put in the middle of 7's.

But what does it mean? Triple sevens are obviously about getting lucky. But coupled with the bitcoin symbol, especially as a tattoo, its a little more pregnant. The book of Revelations talks about how during the reign of the antichrist, everyone will need to display the "mark of the beast" in order to trade for anything. People who interpret the christian bible very literally interpret this to mean a single world currency rather than just a mark on your body, and I've heard of religious people objecting to the concept of Bitcoin on those grounds. However, the Mark of the Beast is 666, and here we've got 777, which by very loose interpretation means its holy rather than evil. So, getting what's loosely definable as the mark of God as a tattoo, especially in relation to the potential One World Currency is... provocative.

I'd like to see if I can embed this in a QR code somehow and link the QR code to a wallet so that people can pay me by scanning my tattoo.